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Longmire Star Katee Sackhoff Talks About HIV, Motorcycles, and Battlestar Galactica

I was sorry to hear about your doggie passing.
It’s been the weirdest thing because he was 18 and I’ve been caring for an elderly dog now for about five years. It’s been a good portion of my life — the last few years — of caring for him and now that he’s gone.… I said to my fiancé yesterday, “I feel like my purpose in life is gone.” Like I don’t know what to do with myself, because I’ve been caring for him for so long that I’m just at a complete loss. I wander around the house, I watch TV all day. Normally, my life was by his medicine schedule.

Now everyone’s going to tell you have a baby.
It’s funny that you said have a baby because now I’m sitting here calling my fiancé going, “I think we should have a baby.” Right? Like that seems the best, you know, let’s fix one problem and just busy my life with a baby.

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‘Longmire’ Cancelled By A&E, Will Be Shopped Elsewhere

Longmire, A&E Network’s most-watched original drama series of all time, will be ending its run on the cable network after three seasons. In a surprising move, the network has opted not to renew the series for a fourth season. I hear Warner Horizon, the studio behind Longmire, will be shopping it immediately. “We would like to thank the phenomenal cast, crew and producers of Longmire, along with our partners at Warner Horizon, for their tireless work on three seasons of quality dramatic storytelling,” A&E said in a statement. “We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together.”

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Longmire S3 E9 caps

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Longmire S3 E7+8 caps

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Longmire S3 E5 and 6 caps

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Longmire S3 E4 caps

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Longmire S3 E3 caps

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Katee Interview at OK TV USA

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Longmire S3 E2

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Longmire S3 E1 caps

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