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Longmire S3 E5 and 6 caps

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I also uploaded caps from the newest episode 6 -> here

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Longmire S3 E4 caps

I added caps from the latest episode -> here

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Longmire S3 E3 caps

I added caps from the newest episode Longmire -> here

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Katee Interview at OK TV USA

I added caps from this short interview -> here

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Longmire S3 E2

In added episode stills from Longmire S3 E 2 -> here

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Longmire S3 E1 caps

I added caps from the newest Longmire episode -> here


Longmire Sneak Peek

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Sneak Peek of Longmire Season 3:


Katee Sackhoff talks about ‘Longmire’ and life after ‘Battlestar Galactica’

Sackoff spoke about response to fans in regards to life beyond “Battlestar Galactica” and her role as Starbuck in the film. Apparently, she hadn’t really had to contend with defending her stance or even working to keep the legacy of the modern drama of a science fiction show. Apparently, since that show she had continuous work without any kind of lag time between jobs. Sackhoff is seems to be fine with fans happy enough to have enjoyed the work she’s done even though that time has come and gone.

The actress also talked about how since she’s played the role of Starbuck that she’s taken less of the stereotypical Hollywood roles for actresses and that Sackhoff seems to be leaning towards more of the “tough gal” characters. According to Sackhoff, “Well, you’ve really got to look for those parts. And I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve been working consistently since I was 17, and I’ve saved my money. So the decisions I make now aren’t based on financial stability”.

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Longmire Days 2013


Katee Sackhoff Talks OCULUS, Being a Fan of Mike Flanagan’s Work, Concerns about Physical Intensity with Younger Actors, RIDDICK, and LONGMIRE

Collider:  How did this come about? 

KATEE SACKHOFF:  I was looking for something to do.  I had just auditioned for a big action movie that I wanted really, really bad, and ended up not getting it.  Normally, when something like that happens, you look for something going immediately, so that you don’t focus on it.  So, I was like, “What’s going immediately?”  This script was sent and I read it was from Mike Flanagan, and I realized that he had written a script that I’d fallen in love with, about five years before.  I read it in 45 minutes and called back and said, “Absolutely, I’ll do this.  This is amazing!”  I think I left two weeks later.  It was crazy how quick it all happened.  Really the only question I had was, “How young are you going to make the children?”  I was really trepidatious.  I think they were written to be 8 and 10, or 9 and 10, and I was a little worried about strangling a 10-year-old.  Not that strangling a 13-year-old is any better, but it makes it a little different when there’s a “teen” at the end.

Did this story read the same way on paper, as it did to actually see it?

SACKHOFF:  It read the exact same way.  That’s what was so crazy about it.  Literally, I read it in 45 minutes.  It was incredibly fast.  Normally, when I read a script, it takes me two and a half hours.  I usually put it down and come back to it.  So, I know if I can read a script in one sitting, it’s a fantastic script.  That’s usually how I decide which roles to take.  If I can read it in one sitting, that’s something I should go after.  If it takes me two reads, then it’s boring, or just not something that I’m interested in doing.  But, I read this so fast.
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